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WordPress Admin Font Editor Plugin


I love using WordPress but one thing has been annoying me for a while – the size of the font used for the HTML editor on the Edit Post / Page screen.

Everything used to be fine and until one day I upgraded WordPress and the clear & easy to read font disappeared. Instead, I blinked disbelievingly at a fugly typewriter style font, set to what seemed 6 and half pixels.

Suddenly, it was as if I viewing all my posts through the wrong end of a telescope.

Solution: The WordPress Admin Font Editor
It’s just a simple plugin I put together that adds a screen to your Settings menu so you can set your own font size and style. Personally, I use Arial at 14px and no longer need a microscope.

Screenshot of WordPress Admin Font Editor

Screenshot of WordPress Admin Font Editor

The plugin doesn’t change any of your site output and only styles the HTML editor on the Edit Post / Page screen. If you’re using the Visual editor it has no effect. The settings only apply to the user that sets them.

Need to go back to the WordPress default style? Just deactivate the plugin.

Download the plugin here