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Why WordPress is the Easiest Way to Build a Successful Website


If you’ve been thinking about starting your own website, you’ve probably seen WordPress mentioned a lot. It’s the most popular way to publish websites and blogs, it powers many of the world’s top online destinations and it’s used by millions of businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers to publish online.

What is WordPress?

In a nutshell, WordPress allows to you get a professional website online without being a web designer or a computer geek.

But if you have little or no experience of WordPress you might be wondering if it’s right for you.

4 Good Reasons to Use WordPress

You can update your website whenever you like
That means you don’t have to learn programming code or pay a web designer every time you want to make a change to your website.

And that’s the way it should be – it’s your website, you should be in control.

It’s easy to use
There are other free publishing systems out there but none that are as easy to set up and use, even if you’re not the technical type.

As with anything new, there are things you’ll need to learn – but the learning curve for WordPress is a lot less than for other publishing systems like Joomla, Drupal and Movable Type. That’s a major reason it’s so popular.

An enormous amount of time has gone into making WordPress as intuitive and easy to use as possible – and for the most part, the developers and designers have succeeded. If you can compose a fancy email with bold, images and so on, you can learn WordPress.

It’s free
Not only is the main software free, but you can also use free design templates – called WordPress Themes – to give your website or blog a distinctive look. There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from.

You can add new features using “plugins”
Plugins are add-ons that seamlessly add the under-the-hood programming code needed to provide features that might otherwise cost you hundreds, if not thousands, if they were custom developed by a web developer.

Sound to good to be true? Some examples:

A simple plugin that allows you to create a fully-featured membership site and charge monthly or one-off lifetime fees for membership and access to exclusive content.

WP e-Commerce (free)
Turns any WordPress site into an online store with an easy to customize shopping cart.

BuddyPress (free)
Lets you create your own niche online community / social network.

There are thousands more plugins you can use to create just about any type of website imaginable – and many of them are free.

The Next Step

Take a look at WordPress Websites Step-by-Step – The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Building a Website or Blog With WordPress.

It’s the only WordPress book on Amazon written for the complete beginner.

Even if you’ve never made a website before, following the clear, step-by-step instructions will take you through everything you need to do to get a basic website online in an hour or so. After that, the book guides you through more advanced features like search engine optimization and installing plugins.

There are quite a few books about WordPress but they mostly assume you already have some knowledge of it – there’s very little help if you’re a complete beginner.

That’s why I wrote the book. It takes you all the way from buying your domain name and web hosting, through to setting up and using WordPress.

Among the things you’ll learn:

  • How to choose a great domain name and get professional, reliable hosting
  • How to install WordPress in a few mouse clicks
  • How to publish posts and pages with correctly formatted text
  • How to give your website a professional touch by using images and videos
  • How to customize the design of your site without needing to be a programmer
  • How to extend your site even further with plugins
  • How to structure your site so you’ll get found by Google
  • How to keep your website secure
  • How to solve the most common WordPress problems

WordPress tutorial book

There’s also a free bonus chapter on getting the first visitors to your site.

It’s an all-in-one tutorial for getting your first WordPress website or blog online.

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