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How To Find and Install Free WordPress Themes


One of the reasons WordPress is such a popular way of publishing websites is that it’s so easy to make changes without having to edit programming code or hire a web developer or designer.

The key to that is Themes – collections of design templates that display your content.

When it comes to themes, you can choose between premium or free. If you can, buying a premium theme will give you lots of advantages over a freebie. You’ll get better support if you need help, a more professional design and more styles to choose from.

If you’re thinking about going the premium route, take a look at my post on buying a premium WordPress theme.

Even if premium isn’t an option, you can still create a professional website. But before you google “free wordpress themes” there’s something important you should know.

Most free theme developers are honest – they love WordPress, love design and are passionate about developing a quality theme. But there are some unscrupulous spammers out there who give away free themes in order to get thousands of links back to their sites. These links are often hidden in the footer of the theme and can’t be removed without making the theme stop working.

Random searches on the internet are likely to lead you to websites distributing this kind of theme, even though they might look legitimate.

Where to find spam-free free themes

As the home of WordPress, the official WordPress free themes directory is the first place you should look. There are thousands to choose from and a sophisticated search engine means you can search by layout options (one, two or three-columns, for example) as well as by color scheme, customization options and design style.

You can either search the web directory at the link above, or search directly within WordPress by going to Appearance > Themes and selecting the Install Themes tab at the top. That has the bonus of allowing you to try themes out using the Live Preview feature before installing them.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is the find and install free themes without leaving the WordPress admin area.

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